Gunn has been a real pleasure to work with. Gunn did an exceptional job on our home remodel project. I want to thank Gunn for his attention to detail and for his fast-paced approach. We would recommend Gunn to anyone looking to remodel their home.
Allen, M.M Properties


Gunn is one of the best among all the people I have worked with for my home remodeling projects. Gunn was able to help us find the best material and design for our remodeling project. Gunn was able to find a solution to every problem we encountered along the way. Highly recommended.
Lori, Home Owner


Gunn was a fantastic person to work with, and is not only multi-skilled and insightful but also great with all types of home remodeling projects. He is a great problem solver and an even better handyman.
Robert, Investor


Gunn performed exceptionally on our home remodeling project and did not fail a single time. He is very reliable and always looking to lend a hand. Gunn’s ideas, skills, knowledge and understanding of the home remodeling process made our projects very enjoyable to work on.
Brandon, Property Management Company